One Army Wife’s Tale

oawt300dpiOne Army Wife’s Tale is a no-holds-barred look into the life of one of our nation’s heroes, as seen through the eyes of the wife he left behind when he deployed. Told through the daily excerpts of the highly popular blog that gave birth to the memoir, Jenn Carpenter takes you through the highs and lows of her Army life experience; the joy and the sadness, the laughter and the tears, the pride and the heartbreak; from day one of her husband’s deployment to the tragic twist no one saw coming. Through it all, she maintains her sense of humor, brutal honesty, strength, and above all else, the hope that her fractured fairytale will indeed have a happy ending.

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What people are saying:

“Many times as Army spouses we are asked, ‘How do you do it?’ In One Army Wife’s Tale, Jenn Carpenter answers that question in the truest form- ‘Because I’m an Army wife.’ A truthful, thoughtful, and inspiring story of military life from her perspective, One Army Wife’s Tale follows Jenn’s deployment experience one day at a time. We at AWN are always encouraging journaling for this very reason, so that you can look back on a time of tears, struggles and celebrations and realize that you CAN do this.”

-Army Wife Network (AWN) Loving A Soldier Team

“Jenn, you are an inspiration to women like me. My husband and I have been married almost six months, have been here at Fort Hood for about half of that time, and, although I have yet to watch him leave on a deployment, I sit reading this with tears in my eyes. There’s talk of a deployment in January for his unit, and even the thought of being without him hurts, I look at you, raising your children, going to work, and just living your life, and I know that if you can do it, I’ll be able to, as well. Thank you for writing this blog, and I’m praying for your husband’s safe return!”

-Heather T., Texas

“One Army Wife’s Tale is a wonderfully-written real-life fairy tale about a spouse and her journey through her husband’s deployment to Iraq. Carpenter takes you through the moments all spouses experience at some point — the highs, the lows, and everything in between, in the rawest and, at the same time, most amusing way possible — all things considered.”

-Emily G., South Korea

“You have such a great way of expressing all the terrific, awful, scary, and wonderful things that go with being in the military. It changed me in many ways, and your writing here brings it all back. You will be so strong when this is done-even stronger than you are now. Keep up the positive attitude and remember there are a whole lot of people praying for the safe return of your husband and all the soldiers currently in harms way.”

-Dianne P., Michigan