So Dead

Did you know that the first woman ever convicted of murder in Michigan didn’t even kill anybody? Or that America’s first serial killer learned to dissect bodies at the University of Michigan? Were you aware that Michigan was the first state to abolish the death penalty? Or that the worst school massacre in American history occurred in Michigan? So Dead is a highly inappropriate podcast dedicated to the dark side of Michigan history- true crime, the paranormal, urban legends, and more.

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What people are saying: 

I am a huge true crime fan and this podcast is awesome. The stories shared and told are intriguing and the humor makes it so much better! I love your passion and look forward to my long car rides to work!

-Haley M S

I have been a long time true crime lover with a side fascination for the paranormal. Your podcast was suggested by a friend and once I started listening- I literally can’t stop. Keep up the excellent work!


This podcast is so underrated! It easily competes with the more popular true crime podcasts (MFM, ATWWD, etc.)

– Crimeobsessed24