Hardwood Floors

10917472_10155186263795455_1920822780_nWhen their best friend Hannah dies in a tragic accident at the age of fifteen, the lives of Jess Crawford and Sennie Juarez are irrevocably altered.

Throughout high school, the once closer-than-close best friends struggle with their guilt, their grief, and to hold on to what they have left, one another.

But when one night of bad choices rocks their world once again, Jess turns her back on Sennie and leaves town to start over, taking a life-altering secret with her.

Ten years later, an unspeakable tragedy forces Jess to return home, to the place that had caused her nothing but pain.

When Sennie discovers the shocking secret Jess has been hiding, it changes everything.

Can these two former friends work together to free themselves from a lifetime of heartache and regret? Or have their fates already been sealed?

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What people are saying:

“Hardwood Floors is a story that immediately draws you in. Within the first few pages I found myself curious and wanting to know more. I am not an avid book reader, but I couldn’t wait for the next chapters to roll out as Jenn worked her ideas into a story that hit so close to home, yet kept me guessing until the very end!”
-Trinidad L.

“Simply put, Hardwood Floors is stunning. It’s a piece that pulls at the heartstrings and tear ducts in more ways than one. It’s the realistic honesty, and raw emotions that makes it so easy to relate and become attached to these characters and story. It’s an amazing read, and if I didn’t have to put it down for other obligations, I wouldn’t.”

-Ally P.

“Hardwood Floors is truly a MUST read. The characters are very well developed. The story is at times laugh out loud, heart wrenching and amazing. I ran the gamut of emotions and I can’t wait for a sequel. For a first attempt at fiction you can’t ask for more. The love and anguish jump off the page and literally pull you into the story. I read it in one sitting because I couldn’t leave the story until I saw how it all turned out!”

-Amber W.

“I could have finished Hardwood Floors in one sitting, except I had to study for exams, but still found myself picking the book up between breaks. The characters are relatable and the book is easy to read as it draws you in from the very beginning.”

-Amanda Z.