The Cereal Killer Chronicles

Before they created Corn Flakes and Froot Loops, the Kelloggs ran a deadly sanitarium and subscribed to a dangerous religion. The last name synonymous with breakfast foods is also linked to strange deaths, suspicious tragedies, and even murder. In this eight-part series, host Jenn Carpenter breaks down the complicated Kellogg legacy, from cereal to killers.

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What people are saying:

I’ve been listening to Jenn’s So Dead podcast for a while and she has outdone herself with this one. Thorough research, compelling storytelling and a wonderful voice. Give it a listen! And then go listen to So Dead.


Awesome first episode, cannot wait to hear more! “Stay cute, froot loop” at the end is the best. I love it.

-Scooty’s Wifey

This is going to be an amazing eight week journey of discovery into the goings on at that San. Jenn has captured my attention and Thursdays just might be my new favorite day of the week.